28 juin 2009

Kristian Adam

Son of Mooshi AKA Kristian Adam was born in 1978 on Pig Horn Island where he was raised by a family of unicorns and pigs. As a child, he became disfigured from
DNA experiments performed by Dr. Stick, and was forced to abandon a promising career as a supermodel. He spent ten years in the mountains drawing cartoons with the wisest of unicorns, Bloopy. Upon completing his training and regaining the use of his bellybutton, Kristian returned home to play with his rubber pencils. With the money he had saved in the rent-controlled Super Happy Place, he bought two turtle doves that cry when you pet them. Now, dressed in tights that help him draw faster and carrying pictures of his strange creatures, Kristian continues his long journey for pizza by donkey-drawn carriage.

"For me, Maria is emblematic of what I would consider a 'real world' doll, complete with beautiful imperfections. and she is happy."

(I'll let you enjoy this text in english ;) )

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